Retrain and retain your qualified staff

In business areas where work diminishes, shedding staff is often seen as the answer. However, redundancy can be painful for your business as well as the individuals who are affected by it. Retraining can be an attractive alternative to redundancy where staff’s existing knowledge of your business could be allied with expertise in a new practice area.

Where speed is of the essence

There may be staff you want to retain because you have invested in them and they have the right attitudes and skills.

Many of our students are already employed in the legal environment and are using our training to improve their prospects. They are often supported by their employers and we have a strong relationship with training managers to ensure that training is matched to business needs. Your staff can become familiar with a new area of law and associated procedures very quickly by selecting from our CILEx Level 3 courses in law and practice. Qualified staff requiring foundation knowledge in a new discipline might expect to complete the courses in a shorter period of study than the recommended 70 hours. If your staff study for the optional exam you can be confident that they will retain the knowledge attained.

Subjects that might be of interest include:

For in-depth knowledge

For your experienced and/or qualified staff, our CILEx Level 6 courses are available in 20 law and practice subjects. Level 6 is approximately equivalent to honours-degree level in academic standard. You can be sure that your staff will acquire a thorough and current understanding in their chosen subject.

Each course requires a recommended 150 hours’ study, so staff will require a minimum of six months to complete a course at this level, and each course is valid for a period of 15 months to offer maximum flexibility.

The range of subjects means that you can almost certainly select a subject which is suited to your business’s requirements. CILEx Level 6 subjects that are currently popular include:

Legal apprenticeships

Whether impacted by the levy, looking to meet CSR objectives or interested in home-growing talent, our clients find a number of benefits to employing apprentices.

Apprenticeships are not restricted to school leavers, and you can use them as a way of training and developing existing members of staff.