Satisfy your compliance requirements

Equip your staff with the legal knowledge to apply judgement to their role.

Satisfy your obligations under the Code of Conduct

If you are using any unqualified staff in a fee-earning role, you will need to be confident that they are equipped to carry out their tasks competently. Sometimes unqualified staff are given procedures to follow without understanding why they are important. Individual CILEx Level 3 units are ideal for support staff in these circumstances. Learning underpinning law will enable staff to apply judgement to their role, and assist them in identifying and raising issues with their supervisor.

By enrolling your staff on just one or two units in law and/or legal practice in their practice area, you will have the reassurance that you are complying with Outcome O (7.6) of The SRA Code of Conduct 2016 in respect of this category of staff. This outcome requires you to ‘train individuals working in the firm to maintain a level of competence appropriate to their work and level of responsibility’.

Benefit from CILEx member regulation

Staff who achieve one CILEx unit become Affiliate Members of CILEx. Further training is required if you wish employees to benefit from CILEx’s regulation of its members which is in place for members who have achieved Associate Membership, Graduate Membership or Fellowship.

Enrolling your staff on courses to achieve these levels of membership will allow you to take advantage of CILEx’s regulatory framework, and give you increased confidence that, if knowledge is being kept up to date, the risk of errors occurring on client files will be reduced.

CILEx specifies CPD requirements for all the above levels of membership. Members and Fellows are required to undertake CPD in professionalism, as well as in technical legal knowledge.

CILEx members can meet their CPD obligations by taking advantage of our annual subject updates in ten practice areas. We also offer modules to deliver the professionalism requirement.

Comply with public sector targets

There is a mandatory target in the public sector of 2.3% of the workforce being apprentices. We can help you meet this target for your organisation.