Training for the public sector

Training for the public sector

Could some of your more routine legal work be performed by less qualified staff, if properly trained? Did you know that many public sector bodies have turned to CILEx Law School for bespoke training in the areas of prosecution and other casework?

Are you looking to improve your staff’s performance?

You may not have identified a training need amongst your staff at all: our most effective courses are often those where the training needs of a particular group of staff had not previously been considered.

We have unrivalled credentials in developing and delivering effective programmes for public sector organisations. All our clients have witnessed improvements in their staff’s performance against targets following our training. Public sector clients for whom we have developed bespoke courses include Highways England, the CPS, the Land Registry, Police forces throughout England and Wales, the Department for Work and Pensions and the UK Borders Agency.

Helping clients to identify training needs

We are happy to help you to identify how we could improve the customer service standards and professionalism of your administrative, support or legal teams. Very often a training need has not been fully specified by the client until we start discussing their organisation’s performance objectives. Ongoing collaboration with our police clients identified a lack of consistency in the application of the disclosure rules relating to evidence in criminal cases. This led to the launch of our CILEx Law School Specialist Course in Disclosure for police staff and uniformed officers.

In 2016 we were asked to create a new course for Highways England, to deliver a bespoke Property Foundation course for staff working within their Major Projects Directorate. The programme is designed to increase the skills and capability of the property teams by improving their knowledge and understanding of land law, highway law, statutory orders, compulsory purchase, planning and other related policies and procedures including customer service and health and safety.

The 18-month programme is a blend of face-to-face and online learning, using CILEx Law School’s specialist distance learning facilities and methods.

Working with you to create the ideal course structure

We offer great flexibility in how we design our courses. We want to ensure that the course structure is entirely appropriate for the content, the academic level and, most importantly, the learner, so that we achieve the highest possible level of course completions.

To this end, not all courses need to be delivered by distance learning: the RSPCA approached us for training for their casework administrative staff on the English Legal System. The optimum delivery method was agreed to be face-to-face tuition so we delivered a short module at introductory level through a series of lectures over a period of months.

What our employer clients say

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