Training by type of organisation

Although law firms make up the biggest proportion of our client base, we also provide courses to a wide variety of other organisations who need to deal with aspects of law or legal procedure.

Flexible training options

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We offer courses for staff at all levels, to help you to make your organisation more effective and more profitable. Here are a number of ways that you can use our courses to achieve your business goals, each of which has been used successfully by many client organisations.

Train unqualified staff to become fee earners

Our Level 3 courses in law and legal practice will deliver introductory training to enable staff to progress standard files under supervision. Find out more about converting paralegals and legal secretaries into fee earners. As well as providing off-the-shelf training, we are working with national law firms on the development and delivery of in-house academies and apprenticeship programmes.

Divert qualified staff to emerging areas of legal practice

Use our Level 6 courses in law and legal practice to re-deploy your qualified lawyers to emerging practice areas. These courses are ideal for re-training and will deliver in-depth knowledge at honours-degree level (law courses) or LPC-level (practice courses). Find out more about the training available to enable your lawyers to switch to a new department.

Develop your legal secretaries’ administrative skills

Let your competent legal secretaries take on more of the office and event management by studying for one of our qualifications for legal secretaries. Free up your fee-earners’ time by making your secretarial staff more effective.

Home-grow your own lawyers through the Chartered Legal Executive route

If you currently sponsor staff to become solicitors you will be surprised at how cost-effective it is to train them to become Chartered Legal Executives instead. Chartered Legal Executives are trained to the same level as solicitors in their specialist subjects and can now become partners in law firms. Home-growing your competent legal secretaries or law graduate paralegals to become qualified lawyers is a really cost-effective investment.

Select by department to see what is available

We have provided illustrations of how our courses can be used for different departments. Please select from the links below.

We offer courses for in-house legal departments to develop staff at all levels, which will help your team to become more effective. Here are a number of ways that we can help you to achieve a number of very different goals, each of which has been used successfully by many client organisations:

Train unqualified personnel to progress standard files under supervision

Use our Level 3 courses in law and legal practice to deliver introductory training for paralegals and support staff, such as courses in Contract and Civil Litigation for the members of your team working in debt collection. Free up your own time for the higher-level work.

Develop your legal secretaries’ administrative skills

Let your legal secretaries take more of the strain by training them to be more effective administrators through our courses for legal secretaries.

Home-grow your own Chartered Legal Executive lawyers

If you currently sponsor staff to become solicitors you will be surprised at how cost-effective it is to train them to become Chartered Legal Executive lawyers instead. Read testimonials from in-house staff who are qualifying through CILEx.

Train non-legal staff in other departments to handle standard matters

Our introductory courses in law and legal practice are ideal to train your purchasing officer in the Law of Contract or to develop junior staff in the HR department by training them in Employment Law. Introductory courses in law for non-legal staff can prevent issues arising so that fewer matters need to be referred to your department.

As well as providing training for the legal profession, CILEx Law School specialises in providing legal training courses for public sector organisations who employ non-lawyers to undertake legal work., and particularly for prosecutorial authorities. Our clients currently include the Crown Prosecution Service, for whom we offer bespoke courses and apprenticeships.

For police staff we offer a Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration course for those involved in file preparation within police forces, as well as the CILEx Law School Specialist Course in Disclosure.

Other projects have included work with the former Immigration and Nationality Directorate, who used us to train their staff in immigration law.

Course content

We tailor courses to meet the needs of individual clients, so that training is pitched at the correct level and your organisation pays only for the course you require, not for a standard syllabus where some of the content may be irrelevant.

Introductory-level courses may be suitable for caseworkers, while higher-level courses can release the potential of supervisory staff and managers to deal with complicated issues and referrals. Where relevant, courses can be mapped against the National Occupational Standards for caseworkers.

Course design

We will work with you to find out what mode of delivery is best for a project: some clients are interested in distance learning, others in face-to-face tuition. Courses can be supported by face-to-face and online teaching via webinars. What works best depends upon the required outcome, the number and location of staff, the budget available and the nature of what is to be taught.


The type of assessment will depend entirely on your requirements. We have experience in testing knowledge and understanding through our online e-assessment software, through essay-style assignments, or a mix of both methods. It is also possible to have qualifications accredited or awarded by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, subject to fulfilling its quality assurance requirements.

Many local authorities use our courses in law and legal practice in a number of different departments. The wide subject choice and range of academic level offered, allows training managers to select the ideal course for staff in a wide variety of job roles, not just those in the legal department.

Introductory courses for non-legal staff

Our CILEx Level 3 courses are ideal for introductory-level study. An introductory course in the Law of Contract is an ideal starting point for purchasing staff, whereas staff working in social welfare might benefit from an introductory course in Family Law.

Higher-level courses for non-legal staff

In-depth subject knowledge can be gained through our Level 6 courses. These are at the equivalent to honours-degree level for law subjects, or LPC-level for legal practice subjects. Courses can be studied individually or as part of a broader programme of study leading to qualifications awarded by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives depending on the aspirations of the student.

Courses regularly used by local authority staff include our Level 6 course in Landlord and Tenant Law.

Legal apprenticeships for local authorities

Apprenticeships are now available for young people employed in the legal sector. There are several options available, depending on the experience of the prospective apprentice:

Specialist courses for legal staff

Many paralegals and qualified lawyers use our courses to develop specialist knowledge. Click on the practice areas below to see what is available in the following practice areas:

Many organisations require knowledge of some aspects of law, and our courses in individual law and legal practice subjects are ideal in these circumstances.

If your organisation deals in claimant or defendant personal injury, in debt recovery or in mortgage repossession it is likely that the majority of your work is centred on low-value standard matters that can be progressed by non-lawyers.

Courses are available in individual law subjects such as the Law of Tort, so that training is directly targeted at the student’s learning requirements.

To find out the courses that we offer to train staff in these organisations please select from the links below:

You may already be aware of the work that we do with prosecutorial organisations and local authorities. We have also worked with the Land Registry to develop a national qualification – the Certificate in Land Registration — for their in-house use. We developed a bespoke course for UK Borders Agency in presentation skills leading to a Certificate in Immigration Practice.

It may be that our off-the-shelf courses in law and legal practice at either introductory or advanced level will suit your requirements to train specific cohorts of staff. If not, we are happy to adapt these to meet your specifications or alternatively to develop a new course from scratch.

Not-for-profit organisations can benefit greatly from training non-lawyers in aspects of law that are relevant to their activities. Caseworkers will be able to provide advice and knowledge of standard matters under the supervision of qualified staff.

Select from the following list to see what courses are available for your staff.


Apprenticeships are a great way to train and retain staff or home-grow new talent. Whether you are looking to take advantage of funding incentives or use your levy pot, meet your CSR targets or simply broaden your talent pool, we can help you with this flexible and cost-effective training option.

We recommend that organisations of all sizes should now employ apprentices, either as new recruits or as a development opportunity for existing members of staff.