CILEX Law School provides practice-focused legal education that will make a difference to your business and your clients.

Our skilled staff at CILEX Law School are here to help you develop your workforce and can provide bespoke programmes to suit your business needs.

Four reasons to partner with CILEX Law School:

Proven track record

We have a proven track record of creating tailored programmes for employers, whether in or outside of the legal sector. Our clients include legal practices of all sizes, legal services firms and legal departments within commercial and public-sector organisations. Drawing on our considerable experience in delivering vocational training, we are the perfect partner to build your team’s technical knowledge as well as their broader workplace skills.

End-to-end support

Our specialist staff will work with you to understand your workforce development needs and create a programme tailored to your requirements. Our online enrolment process and onboarding has been designed with our customers at its heart and once on programme, your staff will be supported by our experienced Learning and Development Advisors. You will have the peace of mind of regular progress updates, as well as the ability to access our virtual learning environment to see your team’s progress for yourself.

Specialists in online delivery

With nearly forty years’ experience in distance learning, we are proud to be specialists in blended online delivery. Our sector leading virtual learning environment and course resources will both provide both an engaging experience for your staff and ensure you achieve your strategic training objectives.

Reward & Recognition

Whether you are seeking to train new or junior members of staff or advance the capabilities of experienced professionals, our course design, content and delivery will ensure that your business quickly recognises the benefit of your investment in training. We help our students to become more effective professionals, able to raise standards and make a difference to your business and your clients.

We recognise the importance of meeting staff incentive needs by providing programmes that offer:

  • CILEX recognition and endorsement
  • Exemptions from CILEX Professional Qualification, with the possibility of progression onto the full qualification programme.

A sideway flowchart of the CLS roadmap when signing up a member of staff to the course: 1. Initial meeting and work skills gap analysis, 2. Specification agreed, 3. Assistance promoting staff training, 4. Streamline onboarding process, 5. On-programme progress reporting, 6. Feedback and return on investment, 7. Workforce planning, 8. Endorse programme & exemptions from CILEX modules

We can help you with:

The launch of the competency-based CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) is a step change in practice-based learning for the legal sector and CILEX Law School is the premier partner for CPQ delivery. Our uniquely supportive and flexible approach, and our outstanding delivery and resources will provide the best-possible platform for your employees’ development and effectiveness within the workplace.

CILEX Law School is at the forefront of delivering legal apprenticeship schemes and is an award-winning apprenticeship provider. We work closely with employers to support them in navigating the rules around funding, provide advice and practical assistance on recruitment and ensuring that apprentices receive the appropriate level of work and exposure to satisfy the programme’s objectives.

Find out more about apprenticeships.

Many of our larger clients have created in-house academies where cohorts of employees enrol on our courses and receive in-house teaching sessions to supplement our distance learning course delivery. We provide regular reports on staff progress through the course, and also on exam results when they are published.

Our Academic Team works with clients to deliver tailored training programmes to an agreed syllabus and mode of delivery. We can adapt and augment current courses or write new material to suit an individual client’s specific needs.

If you would like to discuss your personal or your organisation’s learning needs with us, please get in touch.