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Looking to build a career in the Law? Concerned about the cost of going to university? Look no further – an apprenticeship is the ideal solution for you.  

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What is an apprenticeship? 

In short, an apprenticeship is an exciting opportunity that allows you to earn while you learn.

Apprenticeships seamlessly blend on-the-job learning, allowing you to develop hands-on skills working alongside experienced colleagues with off-the-job learning through relevant study programmes.

As an employee you’ll not only receive a salary but also enjoy perks like holiday pay and a pension – all at no cost to you. Your employer and the government cover the funding, making it a cost-free investment in your professional future.

The three stages of an apprenticeship

  1. On-programme learning (OPL) – this is the combination of the learning you’ll do on the job and through the additional study course.
  2. Gateway – once you’ve completed the OPL and required study, and your employer and training provider consider you ready, they will sign you off as ready to sit your assessment.
  3. End Point Assessment (EPA) – this is the final part of your apprenticeship, where you’ll be formally assessed against the required learning outcomes, knowledge, skills and behaviours specific to your apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship is a collaborative relationship, between you, your employer, your training provider and the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO).

Why choose an apprenticeship?

  1. Earn while you learn: start earning a salary from day one .
  2. Fast-track your career: gain work experience at the same time as studying, giving you a head start in your career .
  3. Gain real-world experience: practical on-the-job training helps build the confidence and commercial skills you need to succeed in law .
  4. No debt from studying: your training is paid for by the employer and the government .

Why train with CILEX Law School? 

As an integral part of CILEX, our mission revolves around providing accessible pathways into the field of law and apprenticeships are at the heart of this.

Embarking on your legal journey with CILEX Law School comes with a number of benefits:

  • Study with the experts: choose the specialist legal apprenticeship provider with experienced staff dedicated to guiding you through the successful completion of your apprenticeship.
  • Be confident of success: our achievement rates are significantly above the national average, ensuring you embark on your professional journey with assurance.
  • Practical training: based on real life scenarios and interactive online workshops, that you can start applying in your job from day one.
  • Clear progression: our programmes are designed for clear and gradual progression, allowing you to increase responsibilities at a pace that aligns with your growth in your role.
  • Be the future of law: in choosing us, you become part of a legal profession striving to be representative of the society it serves, positioning you as a key player in shaping the future of law.

What apprenticeships do we offer?

We offer three apprenticeships with clear progression, from junior roles in the legal profession through to qualified lawyer status.

Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship

Set at A-level equivalent, this programme is ideal if you have no law experience or have completed an intermediate apprenticeship or have some prior experience in a business or administration role.  

Duration: 18-month programme

Typical role: Legal Secretary, Business Administrator


  • Develop the highly transferable skills needed to develop, maintain and improve essential administrative services  
  • Off-the-job learning requirement: minimum six hours per week  

Level 3 Paralegal apprenticeship

Paralegals are at the forefront of the legal services sector. Collaborating with legal professionals like Chartered Legal Executives and Solicitors, paralegals provide crucial advice and support on regulated aspects of the law. Whether in a law firm, or in-house legal departments, legal services firms, not-for-profit sector and charities, the role of a paralegal is diverse and impactful, making it a dynamic and sought-after career path.

The Paralegal apprenticeship is intended either to be a destination in its own right, or to be a steppingstone onto the Level 6 Chartered Legal Executive and Level 7 Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate apprenticeship offering.

Duration: 24-month programme  

Typical roles: Paralegal, Legal Caseworker, Legal Assistant, Legal File Handler


  • Develop fundamental legal knowledge and professional skills, as well as practical skills such as the use of technology and commercial awareness
  • Off-the-job learning requirement: minimum six hours per week

Level 6 Chartered Legal Executive or Level 7 Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate

This programme is for those who have a strong commitment to achieving qualified lawyer status. It welcomes those who have successfully completed the Paralegal apprenticeship programme, finished CPQ Foundation stage or hold a law degree. This programme is designed to propel you towards the coveted status of CILEX Lawyer.

Duration: from 36 to 48 months depending on entry point and route (contentious or non-contentious)   

Typical roles: CILEX Lawyer, Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer, Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate  


  • Develop the specialist knowledge and skills needed for a successful career as a CILEX lawyer, supported by a nationally recognised qualification, CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ).  

Am I eligible to apply?

Apprentices must be over 16 years old and live in England. You’ll need to be employed in a relevant job role and so you will need the support of your employer. Whilst apprenticeships are open to both new and existing staff, government funding rules mean that all apprentices must require the development of significant new knowledge, skills and behaviours in their role. 

CILEX Law School entry requirements vary by programme and so please contact us for further information. Individual employers may also have their own requirements so please check each vacancy you are interested in.

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