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Our apprenticeships are designed to meet the workforce needs of our employers. They offer a great way to increase efficiency and productivity whilst enhancing your workplace culture. 

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Whether you are looking to leverage your apprenticeship levy payments, develop internal talent, or meet CSR objectives, now is the perfect time to employ an apprentice. 

Why partner with CILEX Law School? 

As part of CILEX, we exist to provide accessible routes into law: put simply, apprenticeships go to the heart of what we do.  

Benefits of choosing CILEX Law School include: 

  • Work with the experts: choose the specialist legal apprenticeship provider with experienced staff helping apprentices successfully complete a legal apprenticeship.
  • Unique training programme:  based on consultation with employers and real-life practitioners, drawing on management experience with the potential to create legal leaders of the future. Real life scenarios and interactive online workshops to help build apprentices’ confidence and commercial skills at the earliest opportunity.
  • Tailored support: for you and your managers in meeting your apprenticeship responsibilities and facilitating your apprentices’ success 
  • Be confident of success: excellent achievement rates which are above the national average.
  • Clear progression: apprentices will progress in stages through our programmes to support a gradual increase in responsibility as they grow in their role.
  • Professional commitment: your apprentice will join a branch of the legal profession that is driven by the mission to be representative of the society it serves.

What apprenticeships do we offer?

We offer three apprenticeships designed to offer progressive training opportunities in the legal profession from entry level roles through to qualified lawyer status:

Set at A-level equivalent, this programme is ideal for new recruits or current members of staff who have completed an intermediate apprenticeship or have some prior experience in a business or administration role. 

  • Duration: 18-month programme 
  • Benefits: develops the highly transferable skills needed to develop, maintain and improve essential administrative services 
  • Offthe-job learning requirement: minimum six hours per week 

This is our most popular apprenticeship programme and provides a great entry point into the legal profession. The paralegal apprenticeship is intended to be a destination in its own right or can be considered as a steppingstone onto the full CILEX Lawyer apprenticeship offering.  

  • Duration: 24-month programme  
  • Practice areas available: Civil Litigation, Commercial, Criminal, Family, Property, Employment and Probate Practice. Apprentices must work in one of these contexts. 
  • Benefits: Develops fundamental legal knowledge and skills, as well as practical skills such as the use of technology and commercial awareness. Emphasis on swift development of practical skills means that apprentices can make a real contribution to the work of their team at an early stage.  
  • Typical role: Legal caseworker, legal assistant, legal file handler, paralegal  
  • Off-the-job learning requirement: minimum six hours per week  

This programme is appropriate for candidates who have a strong commitment to obtaining qualified lawyer status. We offer the programme to those who have either completed the Paralegal apprenticeship programme, CPQ Foundation stage or possess a law degree.  

  • Routes available: Non-contentious (L6 Chartered Legal Executive) and contentious (L7 Chartered Legal Executive Litigator and Advocate) routes available, depending on nature of role  
  • Duration: from 36 to 48 months depending on entry point and route (contentious or non-contentious)  
  • Benefits: Specialist training that focuses on the knowledge and skills required to meet your workforce needs. Training is underpinned by the innovative CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ), designed to support the incremental development of workplace skills. External CPQ assessment throughout the apprenticeship programme provides an objective national benchmark of your apprentice’s development. 
  • Typical role*: CILEX Lawyer, Chartered legal executive lawyer, Chartered legal executive litigator and advocate  
  • Off-the-job learning requirement: minimum seven hours per week  

Apprenticeships delivered by CILEX Law School follow the CILEX Qualification standards.   

*Anyone embarking on this apprenticeship must be in a role which meets CILEX Regulation’s requirements for qualifying employment during the final years of their apprenticeship.  

Who is eligible to be an apprentice?

Apprentices must be over 16 years old and live in England. Whilst all apprenticeships are open to both new and existing staff, government funding rules mean that all apprentices must require the development of significant new knowledge, skills and behaviours in their role.

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