We work with a wide range of employers to deliver apprenticeship schemes. Whether you are looking to leverage your apprenticeship levy payments, meet CSR objectives or aiming to develop talent from within, our clients find a range of benefits to employing apprentices and supporting their progress through the legal profession.

Our current apprenticeship programmes include:

Set at A-level equivalent, this programme is ideal for new recruits or current members of staff who have completed an intermediate apprenticeship or have some prior experience in a business or administration role.

  • 18-month programme
  • Suitable for school leavers or current support/process staff to be trained as administrators
  • Suitable for those whose role requires ownership of some processes or procedures rather than being solely task-based

This programme is aimed at school leavers who have the maturity to study law and possess good written English; paralegals or other current employees in administration or customer service who have the potential for development; and those who have already completed an intermediate apprenticeship.

  • 24-month programme
  • Pathways available: Civil Litigation, Commercial, Criminal, Family, Property and Probate Practice. Apprentices must work in one of these contexts.
  • 20% off-the-job learning required as a minimum: EITHER as a half day off per week with the rest as extra learning at work and additional revision leave OR, preferably, as a day’s study leave per week

This programme is appropriate for candidates who have already studied law and worked (or are working) in a legal environment, including law graduates and those with a CILEX Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice.

Anyone embarking on the CLE Apprenticeship must be in a role which meets CILEX Regulation’s requirements for qualifying employment during the final years of their apprenticeship.

  • Up to 60-month programme
  • Includes all of CILEX’s academic requirements
  • Meets all of CILEX’s qualifying employment rules and work-based learning requirements
  • Minimum 20% off-the-job learning time required

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