Level 3 & Level 6 Qualification

CILEX CPQ qualifications

CILEX continues to grow the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ). This means that CILEX Level 3 and Level 6 qualifications will continue to be withdrawn on a phased basis. The last opportunity to enter for a CILEX Level 3 exam was June 2023 (with November 2023 being seen primarily as a resit opportunity) but we anticipate some first sittings in this final window.

The last opportunity to enter for a CILEX Level 6 exam remains June 2026.

New students

If you are new to studying with CILEX, you should enrol on the new CILEX qualification. You can find out more about this here.

Continuing Level 3 students

If you have already embarked on your CILEX journey at Level 3, CILEX advise that you complete the qualification that you are on before transitioning to the CPQ qualification.

This means either completing the Level 3 Certificate in Law and Practice or the Professional Diploma in Law before the close of Level 3. You can find advice on the units that will provide the smoothest transition to the new CILEX Professional Qualification, along with a transition tool here.

As you will be aware, the last CILEX exam sessions for Level 3 took place in June, and there just remains the November exam session.

This now brings to an end the Level 3 legacy qualifications. If you have any further questions or need any advice or guidance, please do get in touch via the “Contact Us” function in your “MyCILEX” account.

Continuing Level 6 students – Update on our Withdrawal Plan

If you have already started the Level 6 qualification, CILEX advise that you should complete this rather than transitioning to the new qualification. Please note that CILEX Law School will be continuing to withdraw Level 6 courses over the coming years, starting with those with the lowest enrolments.

Unit Last date for purchase Last supported exam session
HQ01 Company and Partnership Law
HQ05 Equity & Trusts
HQ06 EU Law
HQ10 Landlord and Tenant Law
HQ12 Public Law
31 December 2021 June 2022
HQ04 Employment Law
HQ08 Immigration Law
HQ16 Practice of Company and Partnership Law
HQ18 Criminal Litigation
HQ19 Practice of Employment Law
31 August 2022 January 2023
HQ03 Criminal Law 31 December 2022 June 2023
HQ07 Family Law
HQ14 Wills & Succession
HQ20 Practice of Family Law
HQ21 Probate Practice
30 September 2023 January 2025
HQ02 Contract Law
HQ09 Land Law
HQ13 Law of Tort
HQ15 Civil Litigation
HQ17 Conveyancing
HQ22 Client Care Skills
HQ23 Legal Research Skills
Date to be confirmed, subject to demand Date to be confirmed, subject to demand

Please note that this schedule is indicative only. CILEX Law School reserves the right to withdraw courses earlier than notified on this indicative schedule. Depending on demand, courses may be offered for longer.

Essential course information

Course design

These courses are delivered by supported distance learning, with online and telephone support. For remaining level 6 courses, there are no fixed enrolment dates so you can enrol at any time of year. Most courses are valid for fifteen months, however note that as we move towards final supported exam sessions, course duration will vary. You need to complete all the course study exercises and mock assignment within your enrolment.

Each unit will typically take 70 hours to complete including studying and revision. You can decide how you will allocate that time according to your other commitments.


The method of assessment for law and practice units is an examination (1½ hours’ duration), held in January and June each year, set by CILEX.

Please see the CILEX information section below for information on exam key dates and deadlines.

Entry requirements

CILEX are no longer accepting new entrants to the Level 3 and Level 6 qualifications. You must therefore have already taken a CILEX Level 3 or Level 6 unit and be a member of CILEX in order to be eligible for enrolment.

Additional costs

Additional fees/costs include, where applicable:

  • Live online sessions/workshops: a £10 administration fee per live session/workshop, payable at the time of booking.
  • Professional skills subject champion: a £30 subject champion referral fee at Level 3 and a £75 subject champion referral fee at Level 6, where you require more than the number of markings of the assessed assignment that are included within the course fee. You can purchase a maximum of two subject champion referrals before a course is terminated. Please refer to the Skills Referral Policy for further information.
  • International shipping: where you require your materials shipped internationally (outside mainland GB), you will incur a one-time postage fee of £15 for Europe and £25 for outside Europe.
  • CILEX membership: anyone who wishes to sit a CILEx Level 3 exam or assessment must be a current member of CILEX. It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with and stay up to date on CILEx membership rules and regulations to ensure that you have met their conditions. You are responsible for paying the CILEX membership fee. Refer to cilex.org.uk for further information.
  • Exam registration: Enrolment on a course does not constitute exam entry. You are responsible for registering to enter the relevant CILEX exam including paying the exam entry fee and making the relevant arrangements, particularly if you live overseas as you will be required to locate and organise your own external examination centre. You can find exam fee information on the CILEX website here.

Our terms and conditions, use of data and policies

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