A partner in your success

CILEX Law School is more than simply a training provider: we are your learning and development partner, helping you to develop a workforce to achieve your strategic goals.

We will work with you to understand your development needs and skills gaps and deliver the most appropriate and practical training and education solution – where, when and how you need it. We will help you to articulate the business case for the investment and provide updates and support to help you monitor your employees’ progress and tailor further development.

We partner with a wide range of employers to train and develop their staff and help to achieve their strategic objectives, both by enhancing their service delivery and by maximising the return on their investment. Our clients include legal practices of all sizes, legal services firms and legal departments within commercial and public-sector organisations.

Here are just some of the many reasons that we are the leading partner for delivering CILEX-based legal education:

We have developed and refined our delivery model – combining online resources, streamed and live events and traditional ‘book-based’ learning – over decades of experience supporting tens of thousands of professionals at every level of the legal profession. Our students can learn in the ways that best suit them and, with access to a virtual learning environment (VLE), they can choose when and where to study.

After nearly 40 years of providing quality-assured training and development, we know that employers like you need to see tangible returns for your investment in your people. Our courses deliver knowledge and skills that are both relevant and immediately applicable to workplace settings. They are all aligned to the CILEX professional competency framework – an exhaustively researched exposition of the practical skills, knowledge and behaviours required of effective legal professionals. Instead of arcane legal theory, you can be confident that your staff are gaining skills and knowledge that apply directly to the issues they will address at work – and that will translate into immediate impact and demonstrable value.

As your learning and development partner, we are here to inspire, motivate and provide support at every stage of the journey:

  • Consulting and advising on individual courses and managing staff expectations
  • Advising and guiding through enrolment and on applicable exemptions
  • Personal professional development plans
  • Assigned L&D advisor
  • Onboarding and continuing learning support
  • Progress reports and timelines for your input
  • Certification when course stages are completed
  • Courses for every level of the legal profession
  • Continuing professional development, technical updates and thought leadership

We are experts and pioneers in blended learning, having provided legal education for nearly 40 years, including award-winning apprenticeship schemes. With market-leading pass rates and a longstanding reputation for quality, we know how to motivate and support students through the challenges of combining study with work and other commitments.

CILEX Law School’s courses enable you to cost-effectively develop and promote from within, retaining and building on the commercial, cultural and relationship capital your staff have acquired, and helping to build loyalty and satisfaction within your team.

At the same time, a strong reputation for professional development is a winning quality for employers that are looking to source new talent. The advent of social media and sites such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn mean that prospective applicants can easily learn about your track record in terms of employee development, career progression and retention.

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“As one of the largest employers of CILEX members, we have worked closely with CILEX for many years and, following the introduction of the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ), will continue to do so to attract talent and to develop our people.”

DAC Beachcroft