Specialist Course in Disclosure

This course is designed for employees in the criminal justice system and prosecutorial bodies, whose work requires them to consider material in criminal investigations. It is suitable for people who have studied CLS’s Certificate in Criminal Justice Administration, the Certificate in Criminal Prosecution and for disclosure officers, investigation officers, evidence assessors and decision-makers. The course includes coverage of the Attorney-General’s Guidelines on Disclosure 2022 and the Code of Practice on Disclosure 2020.

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Course level

The course is set at roughly A level standard.

Course features

This short course includes:

  • Course manual written by subject experts to cover all programme content
  • Access to subject specialists to help with any study related queries
  • Tutor to mark and provide feedback on written assignments

Course duration

The course is 12 months in duration and there is flexibility over the pace of study.


There are three assessed assignments: one online multiple-choice assignment and two written assignments. CILEX Law School will provide a certificate of completion to students who pass the assessed assignments.

Course content

  • The Law relating to Disclosure and Codes of Practice
  • Disclosure by the Prosecution
  • The Disclosure Schedules
  • Review and Disclosure of Unused Material
  • Sensitive and Public Interest Immunity Material
  • Disclosure by the Defence
  • Hearsay and Bad Character Evidence